Federal 308 Win Ammunition Vital-Shok P308TT2 165 Grain Trophy Bonded Tip 20 Rounds

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308 Win
Bullet Weight:
165 Gr
Bullet Type:
Ballistic Tip
Case Type:

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308 Winchester


Vital-Shok P308TT2

Bullet Weight

165 Grain

Bullet Type

Trophy Bonded Tip



Case Type

Nickel-Plated Brass

Rounds Per Box

20 Rounds Per Box

Boxes Per Case

10 Boxes Per Case

Muzzle Energy

3039 ft lbs

Muzzle Velocity

2800 fps

Vital-Shok is available with bullets, from the Trophy Bonded family to Nosler, Sierra and Barnes, and features world-class brass, select powders and legendary primers.

• Robust bonding maximizes weight retention

• High-performance polymer tip for flat trajectory, better accuracy and more energy

• Exterior skiving for optimum expansion

• Solid shank for bone-crushing penetration

• Gold Medal® primer

• Nickel plated for easy extraction and corrosion protection

• Specially formulated propellant with copper-reducing additives

• Boat-tail design

• Grooved shank minimizes fouling and improves accuracy



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